27- 28 November 2019 ESSEX
18 - 19  January 2020 ESSEX
7 - 8 MARCH 2020 ONLINE

An Easy, Proven Step-by-Step workshop that will take you From Idea to Author in just 2 Days!

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Write Your Book in a Weekend ... yes really!

27- 28 November 2019 ESSEX
18 - 19  January 2020 ESSEX
7 - 8 MARCH 2020 ONLINE


Are you a business owner or expert who has a BIG message that you want to get out to the world?

Are you tired of being the ‘best kept secret’ and want to finally get the visibility and credibility you deserve?

Have you always wanted to write a book and didn't know where to START?

Or perhaps you see it as this gigantic mountain of a project to complete and that's always being put in the 'way too hard' basket?

It doesn't have to be that way. 

I’m Helen Vandenberghe - known as the mentor to rising stars and for the last four years I’ve been helping my VIP clients to GET PUBLISHED FAST - helping them get noticed, get valued and get paid by the premium clients they want most.

It all started when my sister (a 15x published author, journalist and busy mum of three) asked me for the 200th time – “Have you written your book yet, Helen?”. I’d been talking about writing a business book for YEARS – while my sister was merrily knocking out bestsellers by the dozen!

In a fit of “I’ll show you” I got busy and banged out my book in just under 48 hours…then got it published within 60 days. It’s amazing what you can do when you are REALLY focused (& when you want to impress your BIG SISTER!).

So FINALLY my book was out there.

As a DIRECT result of publishing my book I. . .

Attracted 4 high end clients in the first week of the book launch
Increased my email list by 1400 people in 6 weeks
Got featured on my ideal radio show
Was invited to speak as a KEYNOTE presenter at A Conference

My first book changed the trajectory of my business and gave me a license for increased confidence, certainty and perceived expert status and I am now asked speak on stages around the world.

Soon my VIP clients were asking me to help them get published

 So that's when I created Book in a weekend...

An Easy, Proven Step-by-Step workshop that will take you
From Idea to Author in JUST 3 Days!


Imagine being a published author..


A book exponentially increases your credibility, making it super easy to sell ANY product or service you promote—or promote on behalf of others. 

What if you gained one more client this year or quadrupleD your normal fee? 

You can do it easily enough—by having a book that sets the stage with your prospects and speaks for you when you’re not even in the room.


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27- 28 November 2019 ESSEX
18 - 19  January 2020 ESSEX
7 - 8 MARCH 2020 ONLINE

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Book in a Weekend is a LIVE in person retreat where I’ll take you personally through every step to get your manuscript DONE and show you EXACTLY how to publish it within 60 days or less!

Our next event is in the beautiful city of London

Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00pm
Sunday 9.00 am  - 5.00pm

Imagne what a book can do for your business...

Become 'news-worthy' and create massive media interest 
Attract more clients and income. You can work less & make more
Attain greater visibility for you and for your
business, products & projects
Expand your influence & reach more people by positioning yourself as a thought-leader and expert
Gain fulfillment by being in alignment with your real purpose
Share your story, wisdom, strategies and expertise

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Outcomes You'll Achive 

This Weekend is designed to remove you from your everyday life away from distractions and interruptions. You get 70% of your book tasks done while the other 30% happens before and after the weekend.


  • Create your bestseller outline including chapter headings, table of contents and structure


  • Brainstorm and test your book title and sub title
  • Design the structure and layout of your book



Write your manuscript (approx. 100 pages) using my‘ Get Published Fast’ process



  • Determine specifically how you will make money with your book using the Get Published Fast Profit Accelerator

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Just a few of our bestselling authors...

Havilah Malone

"I became a No 1 Bestseller - that has had massive impact to my speaker bookings & credibility."

John Mitchell

"Having my book has been a fantastic marketing tool & Helen is absolutely THE best person out there to help with this.  She understands how a business owner can write the RIGHT book for their market and how to use it to get visible'.

Tony Cruse

Expert dog trainer Tony published his book '101 Doggy Dilemmas' to rave reviews and not only got immediate invitations to radio interviews, but also landed a regular feature writer spot in a National magazine!

Helen Vandenberghe - Client Attraction Expert

As soon as my book came out, it magnetized opportunities and people took me more seriously. There was an increase in their trust and my credibility and my coaching & consulting practice became fully booked.

Writing a book is one of the fastest ways to establish yourself as an expert, gain credibility and start seeing big changes within yourself personally as well as your business.


Our Book in a weekend programme is a breakthrough for the people that invest in themselves to achieve their dream of becoming a published author.

They change as a person and gain greater self-respect and confidence and they all say they are proud and happy that they took on the challenge.

Many wish they hadn’t wasted many years putting off becoming an author!


I would love to support you to share your wisdom and your story and create a book that brings you clients, credibility and business confidence.

Ready to get started,or just want to learn more?  Why not book in for a call with me or a team member and I can answer any questions you have.